The Center for Ethics in Action (CEIA) was created in 1996 to promote a new ethical compass for our country and the world beyond, with women leaders setting the course. The CEIA mounts exhibitions of fine art created by women around the world to demonstrate the importance of the arts in life-long learning as well as the transformative power of the arts. For the past seven years the CEIA has served as a fiscal sponsor for programs that fit within its vision and goals. The Maine Museum of Photographic Arts (MMPA) is a special program of CEIA. CEIA is a publicly supported U.S. non-governmental organization with its own tax-exempt status, located at the University of New Englandís Portland, Maine campus.

Our Vision
Women leaders in the arts can help move our society to a new code of conduct – one that nurtures our young, our communities, our governments, the least developed parts of our world, and our planet itself.  Women leaders across all the arts can promote a global society of race, gender and ethnic equality.

Our Values


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